2. Applying for publication in the Journal of KIACL

2.1. Who/what

Only (GYIP) papers that meet the criteria of Section “1.” above can be reviewed and submitted for publication in the Journal of KIACL (세계헌법학회, that is the Korean branch of the IACL).

The journal is called as “세계헌법연구 Segyeheonbeob-Yeongu (World Constitutional Law Review)”, which is being published basically three times a year.

2.2 How

Please state to the GYIP-Secretariat clearly that you want your “working paper” (which is alreay uploaded and which meets the criteria of Section 1.) to be submitted to the journal above. You can state so (1) through Email or (2) through writing text in the uploading message board.

Then the paper will be sent to the KIACL’s Editorial Board, with the GYIP’s chairperson’s recommendation letter/words. After then, peer-review process will be conducted by the KIACL’s Editorial Board, according to its criteria.

Judging results will be basically one of the following:

(a) = can be published without any modification, (b) = can be published with proper modification, (c) = need to be re-reviewed after proper modification, or (d) = cannot be published in the present state. And these results will be notified individually.

Please see the announcement of the KIACL’s Editorial Board for more details, which will be featured on this new GYIP’s website, as well as the KIACL’s homepage.

2.3 Special Notes

* Articles with special merits, such as completeness, special timeliness on the subject, or articles that have been themed and requested in advance by the editorial board, will be published in the journal without the review process. This decision is to be made basically by the editor-in-chief.